• ​Snack on sweet pork jerky and almond cookies
  • Tour impeccable replicas of 1920s-era Macanese homes

Glittering casinos and glassy towers dominate the city’s skyline, but a 10-minute drive to outlying Taipa Island puts you smack dab in the center of Taipa Village, one of Macao’s most pristinely preserved enclaves. Stop for a snack on Rua do Cunha, a bustling street stuffed with vendors hawking sticky-sweet pork jerky and bakeries with trays of savory almond cakes (bursting with shredded pork) or crisp almond cookies. If a leisurely stroll down a tree-lined promenade is more your speed, make Avenida da Praia your route through town. Both roads lead you toward the Casas-Museu de Taipa, a clutch of private homes overlooking the casino-heavy Cotai Strip that were restored and opened as museums in 1999. Of the five 1920s-era pistachio-green Portuguese residences, the most interesting is Casa Macanese, a faithful replica of a traditional Macanese household, dressed with heavy gold-green drapes and rococo furniture. The mix of Mediterranean-style colonial architecture fused with Chinese and Japanese elements—the influence of Japanese Christians who were forced out of Japan and relocated to Macao in the 17th century—is a stunning example of the curious cultural mash-up that is Macao.

Take a taxi for the 10-minute ride to Taipa Island.

TAIPA HOUSES MUSEUM: 22 Avenida da Praia, Taipa; +853-2882-7103;